Windows Updates

  Macaonasa 22:49 05 Jul 03

I have Windows ME. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get the updates to store as backup files rahter than downloading every time I reformat?

on the winupdate site, set it up to personalise your page then set it to show the winupdate catalog button, when you know the ones you want download from there, alternatively copy them from your tempory internet files after you have downloadedthem in the usual way.

you will find that the microsoft website is very easy to navigate and the wealth of availble downloads are easy to find. (there arent that many for ME anyway)

  Valvegrid 22:58 05 Jul 03

You can download the files from Microsoft: click here

I have done this for Win 98SE.

  Macaonasa 00:49 06 Jul 03

Thanks all.

  jcf 10:16 20 Jul 03

can anyone tell me how to install ME updates that i've saved onto cd-r. i thought i would try to save onto cd rather than use update site if i ever needed to reinstall windows

  Valvegrid 12:03 20 Jul 03

They're all exe files, just double click on each one to install it.


  Macaonasa 14:00 20 Jul 03

1. How many of these updates are really necessary?

2. Why are there several with the same reference number?

3. Aren't some updates an accumulation of previous ones? If so, how do we identify the individuals already in an accumulation?

  jcf 09:08 21 Jul 03

thanks for advice

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