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  enviro 23 Dec 11

I am running Windows XP Prof. 2002 Service pack 3 on a refurbished HP Compaq dc 7600 small form factor. Quite happy with the computer except that it keeps saying that I have 6 updates to download, does so, says it's successful then a few minutes later it say's it again. I have restarted after the download, still the same. I have downloaded direct from Microsoft only to be told that these updates did not download, yet when you go to update history, it say's they downloaded...yet that little yellow shield still has it's exclamation mark in it. I have installed Microsoft Fix It Center, that say's it's fixed the problem too.....nope... Advice please!!

  buteman 23 Dec 11

Switch automatic updates off and then try and download them manually 1 at a time and see if you can find the one giving the problems.

  buteman 23 Dec 11

Or download them manually and click on each one and tick don't show update again.

  enviro 23 Dec 11

Hi Buteman, am trying to do as you ask, just downloaded 1 of the 6 through Microsoft updates, said it was ok, gone through the motions to get the next one and it's telling me I still have 6 to go, always the same ones.... x86 ( KB979909) (KB982168) X86 (KB241824) X86 (KB2572073) X86 (KB2539631) X86 (KB2518864) Done two now and still the same.

  buteman 23 Dec 11

Just click on them one at a time and a box should open underneath saying don't show update again, Tick the box.

That way they stop appearing.

  enviro 23 Dec 11

Done that but Microsoft says Ive hidden important updates, update history says I've got them downloaded but is also telling me I need to download them. Need "Fat Ed".....

  northumbria61 23 Dec 11

Try going to SERVICES and STOP the Windows Update service. Restart your PC and START the Service again to see if that helps.

  cocteau48 24 Dec 11

It looks as though these are all .NET Framework related updates and I had the same issues as yourself.

Initially I did as buteman suggests,accepted that they were already installed, and just opted to hide them to stop them popping up.

When I next had an hour or so to spare I tackled and cured the problem by completely removing all the .NET Framework installations (use the Microsoft .NET Framework removal tool to do this) and reinstalling all.with all relevant updates,from scratch.

You may be lucky and get away with only uninstalling the versions of .NET Framework that the offending updates apply to but if you remove all it will take about an hour to reinstall everything.

This worked for me and stopped the updates reappearing after they were installed.

  spuds 24 Dec 11

There does appear that these latest updates have a problem. I downloaded them yesterday, and was informed that they had been installed successfully, except one which could not be installed.

Today, I have been advised that that the same downloads are ready for installing, which have now been installed again successfully!.

Have to see what happens when I reboot the computer tomorrow?.

  enviro 01 Jan 12

New Year's Greetings! I have followed the instructions with the .NET removal Tool and got a Fatal Engine Error (Ox79280436)whilst running it, but it did remove all .NET Framework's on my PC. The PC would not restart or shutdown to then go on to the stage of re-installing. Have also had Error code ox643 and something about not having a JIT Debugger availabe. So have system restored and am for the moment putting up with the un-downloaded updates. Would buying a brand new Windows Vista operating system get rid of these tiresome problems, my XP must have a serious corruption in its .NET Framework and I am totally jacked off with the whole thing. What to do next?

  northumbria61 01 Jan 12

If you are having thoughts about changing your O.S.then why bother with Vista. I would go for Windows 7 - like any PC with any O.S. it won't be without problems but you will have less of them. I have been with Win7 from day 1 (release date Sept.2009) and never had any regrets.

You would have to run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor download from Microsoft first to see if your system is capable of running Win7. enter link description here


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