Windows Update on XP Has IE8 as High Priority today

  Batch 14 Feb 12

Booted up this morning on my XP SP3 desktop. Windows Update kicked in (notification only mode in my case) with IE8 as a High Priority update.

Did a search and came across this from Microsoft: IE to Start Automatic Upgrades across Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

So take note if you are running XP - MS want to push you on to IE8 if you aren't already there.

I use Chrome. IE7 and IE8 are NBG as they are way too slow. I tried IE8 once and just didn't like it anyhow. Now, if they were to make IE9 available on XP (which is entirely within their means and consistent with their stated objectives in the page linked to above), then I might be tempted as IE9 performance is reputedly similar to Chrome.

  buteman 14 Feb 12

I was wondering why you were getting updates this morning when it is usually tonight that we get them.

So gave mine a run and sure enough they wanted me to install IE9 which I don't want.

But the majority of updates should be tonight.

  Batch 14 Feb 12

Aye, it was the fact that the update signal came through this morning that immediately raised my suspicion. I bet there's a lot of people out there that will sync into updates later today as per usual and IE8 / IE9 (depending on your OS) will be in the list and will get installed along with the rest of the High Priority updates without the user realising what's happening.

  johndrew 14 Feb 12

This was recognised as an action MS intended a while ago. You may find this article of interest.

  onthelimit1 14 Feb 12

IE8 just as fast as Chrome on my XP PC.

  Batch 14 Feb 12

AFAIK IE8 has same rendering engine as IE7. Both are renowned for being very slow.

My own experience with IE7 is that it is painfully slow, especially when handling multiple tabs / instances.

Seems there is an add-in for IE6,7,8 (Chrome Frame) which apparently enables IE to use Google engines and improves performance dramatically. See IE8 runs 10 times faster with Google plug-in


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