Windows Update woes

  ACOLYTE 14:45 22 Aug 07

I am having a bit of trouble getting to windows updates,i can check for updates ok,but when i click custom the page scans and gives me options,hardware,software etc on the left pane,but when i click on one i get the same scan page open up in the middle of the same page asking me to click custom or express again when i do this it scans again and IE locks up i cant do anything with it but end the process,is there a way to select custom without all the effects?.

  Technotiger 14:48 22 Aug 07

Hi, I would advise you to run Ccleaner click here then try again.

  ACOLYTE 14:52 22 Aug 07

Hi, Technotiger,i do run ccleaner on a regular basis my pc is pretty clean and lean with regards junk,just this last few times trying to get updates have been a nightmare.I dont know if MS have changed the page setup as before i could click custom and then select what i needed without the need for a rescan.

  ACOLYTE 04:17 23 Aug 07

Nope tried ccleaner and it didnt help IE still locks up,i dont understand why it needs to open the same page twice so i can choose what i already have chosen,anyone else have this problem?

  smokingbeagle 05:43 23 Aug 07
  ACOLYTE 11:54 23 Aug 07

Hmm,im a bit dubious about using Beta apps,and im not sure that my updates are messed up,i can/have used automatic updates,i just cant do custom scan.

  birdface 12:34 23 Aug 07

Try Acolyte's click here it worked for quite a few of us on here,Worth a try.

  ACOLYTE 12:34 23 Aug 07

Ok, after a little more tweaking im a bit closer to an answer,the trouble seems to be the MS update add-on in IE7,there are two types of updates MS updates and Windows update,it appears that the MS one is not so happy with IE7,so i dissabled it in the option on the update page.
Now i have to find out what add-ons it added and remove them.

  birdface 12:35 23 Aug 07

I should have said smokingbeagle's click here.

  ACOLYTE 15:56 23 Aug 07

Tried the app from smokingbeagle's link,it ran but sadly still didnt fix the problem,it has somthing to do with the add-ons in IE7,when i start without add-ons it works fine,just a matter of finding out what add-on it is.

  birdface 16:37 23 Aug 07

Ok.Glad you are on the right track.If you find out what one it is let us know for future reference.

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