Windows Update Ref KB828026 - Windows Media Player

  Fatbloke1 19:07 03 Apr 04

I have installed this critical fix 9 times according to my Windows update installation history but every couple of days it keeps reappearing. This suggests that it has not actually installed, has anybody else had this problem? And if so how did you manage to resolve it.

I'm currently using XP Home SP1 and WMP


  Diodorus Siculus 19:15 03 Apr 04

Best way is to remove it via ad/remove programs, reboot, and reinstall it again - that has worked for a number of people.

  Fatbloke1 19:28 03 Apr 04

Jusat one question, if I decide to rempove WMP will I lose my playlist which currently has nearly 1200 songs in it? I know that the files themselves will be not be lost but it would be a pain having to recreate the playlist.


  Diodorus Siculus 19:42 03 Apr 04

I mean remove the hotfix that is causing the problem, not WMP itself.

  Fatbloke1 19:59 03 Apr 04


I've tried to remove the hotfix but when I do I get the following message "The file msdxm.ocx on Windows NT service pack uninstall directory is needed"

This seems strange as I'm running XP home SP1. I've done a full search of my hard drives and can't find this file.

Any suggestions?


  Diodorus Siculus 22:29 03 Apr 04

Try another reinstall via msupdate and see if it works... otherwise, I am lost.

  GaT7 22:43 03 Apr 04

Confirm whether the particular update has installed correctly in the first place or not.

Download, install & run Belarc Advisor - click here. Check the report you get. Look at the 'Installed Microsoft Hotfixes' section. Hotfixes/patches that have not installed will not show up at all, if they've installed correctly they will have a 'verifies correctly' tag & if installed incorrectly will have a 'fails verification' tag.

Tell us what this Belarc report says. If it has installed correctly then there obviously is a problem at the Win update site & you can configure/personalise Win update not to show this when you scan for updates again (this explained after you've tried the above).

  Fatbloke1 00:07 04 Apr 04


Have downloaded and run Belarc

Under WMP I have the following:-
Q828026 (details...)
WM817787 (details...)
Q828026 on 29/02/2004 (details...)

Both WM817787 and Q828026, 29/02/04, have ticks against them confirming verified correctly.

There is nothing against the top entry for Q828026.

It's all very odd.


  romanab 00:19 04 Apr 04

You are not aloneclick here click here you may also find this of some interestclick here bearing in mind it is for win2K

  GaT7 02:05 04 Apr 04

Right, if it's appearing in the Belarc report as verified correctly then it most probably is (*see below).

The second step is to configure/personalise your Win update for your PC so you won't see the same update reappearing again & again:

1. Go to the Windows update site - click here

2. In the Windows Update pane on the left, click on Personalize Windows Update (under Other Options)

3. Click on 'scan for updates' (in the right pane). When this completes...

4. In the right pane, uncheck the box next to the particular WMP9 update in question. Click on Save Settings (upper right corner). That particular update will not show up again when you scan for updates.

You can use the same method for any updates that have installed correctly (this must be confirmed first) but keep reappearing in the update list after a Win update scan.

* - Belarc is usually quite finicky about whether these updates have installed correctly or not & will give a 'fails verification' if a little something is amiss. But then again I guess it's upto each individual & whether he/she trusts it's accuracy or not!

Anyway, this is my method of dealing with this kind of problem. I hope someone can find something better to deal with this & will post it here for all of us to learn.

There's an official MS take on this that involves WinXP updates that keep reappearing - "Update Site Lists Updates That You Already Installed" click here. Part of it involves a Registry hack & would suit the updates that keep reappearing after 'some days'. Should also be applicable (I'm thinking) to other Win OSes & other updates - if you know where to locate them in the Registry & exactly what to delete! If you go down this route, remember to always be careful working in the Registry & backup before making any changes.

Hope this has helped in some way : ) & apologise for the long-winded explanation.

  Stuartli 08:27 04 Apr 04

Hotfixs are also shown in Add/Remove Programs.

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