Windows update problems service pack 2

  eysha1 04 Dec 12

I am running vista on a Toshiba laptop. Windows advised an update so when installing the Vista service pack 2 it ended by saying it had encountered an unknown problem - code 5, whatever that is, so it didn't install. I have been trying to update to internet explorer 9 without luck and did post a help request here but it didn't work unfortunately. I am not wonderful so any help would be grat with easy directions please. Many thanks. E.

  difarn 05 Dec 12

Error code 5 usually crops up when access is denied. Try to install the SP2 again this time right-clicking on the update before you press install and choosing the Run as Administrator option.

If you resolve this then you may find that IE9 will install.

  eysha1 05 Dec 12

Tried right clicking but it doesn't work. Nothing listed for administrator. It only says Copy Update or hide updates. What now?

  eysha1 05 Dec 12

Many thanks. Got it downloaded to my computer and right clicked to run as administrator but it gives the same message -

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate pemission to access the item.

What can i do now?

  eysha1 06 Dec 12

The programme downloads from the site given ok to my download folder on the computer but it won't install as it gives that message. I have AVG.

  eysha1 10 Dec 12

Thanks DR YES, i followed all your isntructions to no avail. I keep getting the same message as above. Added to that i now get 'a script is running on this page that slows down internet explore...' That's new. No idea what to do now apart from maybe a system restore, would that help do you think? I am not getting e-mail to say you have reply either hense the late reply to yo.

  eysha1 10 Dec 12

Also tried a system restore as far back as i could but still tells me i do not have the apropriate permission - again. I am really lost here. Have tried all suggestions and still no good. Any ideas now?


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