Windows Update, not service pack?

  The Brown Rock 21 May 11

Windows Update will install every update but Windows Service Pack of any number. I have tried to install it manually, I have switched off my computer Protection I have engaged Windows Troubleshoot, which made changes that are said to be Fixed On each ocasion I get a failed notice on restart.I have now discovered that it is an attempt to install the 'service pack' on each and every occasion on logoff that prompted a previous thread as to why I had 1 update on each occcasion on shutdown.I know now that I can hide this to stop the repeat. I'm running Windows 7 and service packs are deemed important, anyone ideas what is the matter and how I can resolve the installation problem?

  rdave13 22 May 11

SP for Win 7 is that important? Win 8 just around the corner at the end of 2012 possibly? If it won't install just hide the update and leave well lone. I've just uninstalled it via safemode.

  The Brown Rock 22 May 11

I'm sorry but I cannot locate Update Readiness tool - where do I find this?

  The Brown Rock 22 May 11

Just saw your post rdave13 If not important I would be happy enough to hide it - not sure if it's good enough reason to jump to W8 though?

  rdave13 22 May 11

If your PC can't install the SP then don't worry. Possibly your AV or firewall won't allow it. If you really want to update to SP then disable AV and third party firewall if you have one.

  The Brown Rock 22 May 11

No! I'm happy enough not to update and install Service Pack. Some of those I managed to install manually left me without my sound (Music Vocal)system, also installed Explorer 9. I was in a dreadful mess but luckily I found the answer just by chance in the July edition of PCAdvisor,(Roll Back Drivers p.102. I opted for System Restore that gave me back my sound and Explorer 8, all at the same time. I immediately hid a number of Windows Updates. I hope I have seen the last of these troubles? My thanks to everyone who responded.

  Sea Urchin 23 May 11

I'm sorry but I cannot locate Update Readiness tool - where do I find this?

For future reference it is available on the link posted above by I24


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