Windows update KB967715

  1248fixx 23:05 25 Feb 09

At around 8.30pm tonight, I DL this Windows update from Microsoft, and as I was prompted to reboot for it to take effect, I did so - trouble is, it took my PC very nearly 2 hours!! Now running ok, but what caused this?, and of course, I'm petrified to turn the PC off in case there's another 100 minute wait....


  birdface 23:50 25 Feb 09

I had 3 updates to-night downloaded and ran 2 of them the other one I did not think was needed so left it out .I had no problems with the ones that I installed.

  woodchip 23:56 25 Feb 09

I think you will find its Net.framework thats the slow one, but it should not take that long. It depends on the Speed of your computer, but it did it on my Laptop other Tuesday 9 updates it only a 2.3 Ghz Centrino

  1248fixx 23:58 25 Feb 09

I'm not sure if I've made my problem clear? The 2 hours is the time that my PC took to fully re-boot after installing this normally takes perhaps 90 seconds?

  Taff™ 07:46 26 Feb 09

The update in question relates to "an issue in which AutoRun features were not correctly disabled" - presumably by a previous update. click here (I haven`t had this update myself although I got those mentioned by buteman)

People seem to be having problems with it particularly with it installing successfully and then repeating the process several time on each reboot. For example click here If you google you can see the extent of the here=

  kdt 08:24 26 Feb 09

i had posted earlier of 967715 & 961118 updates both of which installed easily and booted normally. the reason i posted was out of sync/i.e.outside the normal 2nd tuesday cycle.

  hiwatt 10:18 26 Feb 09

This was the only update I got yesterday and it installed and rebooted with no problems at all.

  Graphicool1 10:42 26 Feb 09

I got it last night, it installed without problems. In your case it could be an installation glitch. Uninstall it, go to Microsoft Windows Update, download and install it again.

  Stuartli 11:08 26 Feb 09

Another automatic update today - for Silverlight 2.0.

This, of course, uses .NET Framework so might well be connected with the .NET Framework update yesterday.

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