windows update installation failure

  Gwynedd 22 May 12

Suddenly can download but not install Windows updates - in particular for .NET Framework 3.5 and for Windows Office.

Am running Windows Vista SP2.

Microsoft has given me a .NET Framework 4 'repair'which looks within my capabilities, but the 3.5 'repair' is way beyond me.

  johndrew 22 May 12

You will need to tell us what Microsoft has told you to do for us to offer advice/help.

  Gwynedd 22 May 12

Microsoft refers me to article kb976982! Reading it, and with my limited techical expertise this seems beyond me. However, reading PC Advisor forums and other forums, it appears that this .NET Framework problem is an ongoing nasty headache for lots of us. I think that I will go down the route suggested by several irate posters and reinstall Vista - or go the whole hog and install Windows 7. I suppose I could always wait for Windows 8 and buy a new pc.

  So Afraid 22 May 12

I downloaded and installed updates but after a restart it tells me i need to install the same updates, using XP.

  rdave13 22 May 12

Try a system restore first. Go back to a time windows update was OK. Change how to update to 'just notify me'. When notified install one update. Do the same again until you're updated. Dot Net updates can be a pain and sometimes take a while to install even though you think the PC isn't doing anything. Whatever you do, do not cancel any updates, concerning Dot Net Framework updates, through being impatient. I learned that a few years ago.

  rdave13 22 May 12

So Afraid, make sure you only have windows update to notify you of updates. Don't allow to download and notify just notify. Once you get the yellow icon click on it then untick the boxes for the updates in the pane that opens. You will then get the option to hide the updates, do that. Next run windows update and that should show you have no updates pending as they are already installed. Leave the updates hidden as you already have them installed.

  So Afraid 23 May 12

Yes thanks i will do that.


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