windows update freezing

  BeeWee 18:53 27 Feb 03

when i try to get updates the screen freezes..any solutions please?

  PSF 19:06 27 Feb 03

I have had the same problem, the server must be playing up.

  IanWilk 19:28 27 Feb 03

Just tried for Windows ME update - same result, advised to try later.

  smegs 22:34 27 Feb 03

Think it's Microsoft. I've got XP & I've had the same problems today. Give Um time

  BeeWee 22:50 27 Feb 03

it is now unfrozen but am now getting the message that software update is incomplete...have gone through microsoft knowledge base article Q174360 to try to correct things but it hasn't worked

  BeeWee 07:46 28 Feb 03

part of the solution given to follow suggests deleting files from the V4 folder...well i haven't got any files in the folder to delete! is this significant to things freezing up?

  Andsome 08:39 28 Feb 03

I recieved the latest update yesterday, but after reading this thread I have just tried the website. Everything ran like lightning, the scan for updates took about ten seconds. I suggest that you now try again, maybe the problem has been solved

  Andsome 08:39 28 Feb 03

PS. I have XP Home

  MartinT-B 10:05 28 Feb 03

I just updated with 98SE

Download only 350K (IE6 upadate), froze 3 times, but eventually got it.

Maybe it's Microsoft as my symantec AV update whizzed through.

  MartinT-B 10:06 28 Feb 03

PS I left it frozen and went to make coffee - it took about 8 minutes to complete the DL

  BeeWee 18:41 28 Feb 03

there is something definately wrong with my probs with windows update at the meantime nothing happening at home and oftentimes the screen is freezing when it arrives at the desktop. as i mentioned before i have gone through the help file at microsoft knowledge base and this hasn't helped either as i have no files in V4 (whatever that is) still looking for some help.....please

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