windows update

  kimisam 17:11 29 Jun 08


everytime I try to update my Vista laptop with windows update, Spyware Terminator block the following file C:\80E98602D4C615AEAO\MPSIGSTUB.exe
and the update will fail.

but when I disable spyware terminator, everything works.
can any one tel me why or how to deal with this problem please.


  Pamy 17:13 29 Jun 08

Deal with it the way you are or gt rid of Spyware Terminator

  MAT ALAN 17:16 29 Jun 08

It is related to windows defender, set permissions in spyware terminator to accept this prog...

  birdface 18:50 29 Jun 08

click here click here click here Some different views that don't really help.

  birdface 19:02 29 Jun 08

Deal with it the way you are or gt rid of Spyware Terminator. I would remove Windows defender and keep Spyware terminator.As far as I can remember both give full time protection and you are liable to have the odd conflict between them.

  Pamy 19:07 29 Jun 08

But if kimisam, disables Spyware erminater the problem goes away, so surely thats where the problem lies?

  rdave13 19:09 29 Jun 08

Defender is part of Vista, you can enable/disable startup progs as well as the real time scanner. I'd uninstall S.T.

  birdface 19:26 29 Jun 08

Yes but it all depends what one you think does the best job.So far kimisam has not came back and said he actually has Windows Defender installed.

  Pamy 19:33 29 Jun 08

rdave13, said that Windows Defender is part of Vista so would it not be installed?

  kimisam 02:16 11 Jul 08

Hi all,

sorry for not been around for a while, I do have windows defender as its part of my vista os, I still have to disable spyware terminater before my pc can be updated. I think this is what I am keep on doing for a while as I do not want to uninstall either programmes.

many thanks for all your replies.


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