Windows swap file settings

  machine minder 20:34 02 Jan 03
  machine minder 20:34 02 Jan 03

I have windows 98se on my pc with an Athlon 1700xp processor and 512Mb RAM I do not use it for video editing nor high power games and generally do not work it too hard....My girlfriend has a Packard Bell laptop with Windows ME and an AMD K6 550 processor and 256 Mb RAM...she uses the machine for similar things to me......We both have our windows virtual memory swap files set at 384 Mb maximum and 384 Mb minimum.....would there be any benefit to either machine by reducing the sizes of the virtual memory swap file limits ?
Thank You ... : ))

  cream. 20:38 02 Jan 03

Depends on the size of your hard drive. I would of thought you would be better to increase it.

  machine minder 20:44 02 Jan 03

my hard drive is 40 Gb.....laptop is 6 Gb

  cream. 20:56 02 Jan 03

It all depends on free space on hard drives.If you have say 5gig and over for yours and 3gig for laptop.

I would say, Increase your hard drive to 1gig min and max.

Laptop increase this to 750meg min and 750 max.

You will get better performance this way rather than reducing it.

Oh arrrrrrrr.

  Why Am I Here? 00:04 03 Jan 03

Unless you really want to fiddle set the swap file to windows default and leave it.

  Forum Editor 00:08 03 Jan 03

and would alter the settings as he/she recommends.

Don't expect anything dramatic - you'll simply be providing Windows with a little more room to work with if needed.

  cream. 02:20 03 Jan 03

Thank you gaffer, bag of tatties on ya doorstep int morning.

machine minder. Of course if you have a partition on any of the hard drives, you can increase performance significantly.

By moving your swap file to a partition you can gain extra benefits. The main being it will cut down on the fragmentation of files on drive c.

Oh arrrrrrr

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