Windows Startup - Setup message

  daba 11:33 04 Jun 05

I'm running Win 98SE.

Every time Windows Starts, or Re-Starts, I get the "Please Wait while Setup updates your configuration files. This may take a few minutes" etc.

Now I know this happens if you install or uninstall software or hardware, but usually only needs to do it the once on next start-up.

Earlier today I ran a test, I re-started Windows 3 times, and shut-down and re-started PC 2 times (ie power-down and re-start). I got the Setup message every time.

I have scanned thoroughly for viruses, ad-ware, mal-ware etc. etc. but nothing is found.

Does anyone know how to cure this problem, or at least suggest what might be causing it ?


  pj123 13:20 04 Jun 05

I am on Win98SE and have never had that message up to now, so not sure if I can help or not. Just a couple of questions. When does this occur? Before the Windows Splash screen or after?

If it's before it may be something in your autoexec.bat or config.sys files.

  daba 17:44 04 Jun 05

I'm sure you must have seen the message at some time. It usually occurs when a driver installation or a hardware installation says "Windows must now re-boot to complete the installation" or the like. The installer has made a boot-up script ready for the next re-boot, as it needs to do something to a protected file, get windows to load a device driver, or has made changes to the registry

It occurs after the initial splash screen, and before the desktop is initialised, at about the same point in the boot-up at which scandisk is run if it needs to.

Autoexec.bat and Config.sys are both empty.

I've just had a sideways thought that I've recently had a new printer with card reader (Epson RX620), and the card reader shows up as a "Removeable Disk" in explorer. Now these type of devices are not usually present a boot time, memory sticks and camera card readers normally only show up when you plug them in, and are not usually left in the machine while booting.

Anyway, it's easily proven, so I'll try it disconnected and see what happens.

  daba 20:48 04 Jun 05

... still getting the 'Setup' message every re-boot.

I've also realised now that "Scandisk" doesn't run when I'm forced to reset or after a bad shutdown. I do recall there is a setting somewhere to enable/disable this but can't remember where ?

  Joe R 20:58 04 Jun 05

daba, the following two links may be to your liking.

The first is a windows 98 problems forum, (free to join) with thousands of postings about various grieviances with 98, and the second may help you with your current problem.
click here
click here

  Joe R 21:02 04 Jun 05

click here

another which may help.

  bloo meeny 21:10 04 Jun 05

Same thing happened to me click here
Never found out why it happened though, but it has happened a few times to me since then - but it doesn't appear to cause any problems so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  daba 22:25 04 Jun 05

Good links Joe R, thanks. Lots of reading there....

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