windows sp3 again

  dhg 20:05 26 Jul 08

After reading recent posts about sp3 downloads I think my query may be relavent. After downloading sp3 I could not shud down in normal manner ie from start menu, only by holding in on/off button. standby/ restart still worked, I restored to pre sp3 and problem solved. Would this be a download problem or a conflict with Norton. any comments appreciated.

  rdave13 20:14 26 Jul 08

Try downloading the stand-alone version and save to desktop. Disconnect from the net and disable Norton's firewall and antivirus etc. Install SP3 and after reboot re-enable the security and connec to internet.
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  gengiscant 20:15 26 Jul 08

SP3 offers little,yet causes much problems.If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  peter99co 20:17 26 Jul 08

Do not have a virus scanner active when the download is active. Just let the download do its job and then install. After the install is completed it restarts and your a/v can then be activated again. Worked for me took about an hour total. Good Luck!

  peter99co 20:19 26 Jul 08

Sp3 creates a restore point for you. just stop a/v before/during download starts.

  peter99co 20:20 26 Jul 08

The firewall should not be a problem and if stopped will leave you vulnerable to attack

  dhg 20:29 26 Jul 08

Thanks for suggestions, Will probably try rdave 13 suggestion but will leave that to later as I know the download was quite lenghty, would gengiscants answer suggest that sp3 is not an essential download and can be ignored, I am up to date on all other updates

  gengiscant 21:02 26 Jul 08

It is not essential.

  rdave13 21:16 26 Jul 08

Makes you wonder why Microsoft invests money for these service packs to improve security if they're 'not essential'.

  gengiscant 21:39 26 Jul 08

I have given up wondering.
XP as it is, works for me,tried sp3,totalled my pc,took me 2 days to sort.

  jolorna 21:40 26 Jul 08

i have the same problem as you i have sp3 but i also had it when i had sp2 i find it will happen if i have just done a scan with either a2 or superantispyware any other time it is fine

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