windows slow

  jaygice 25 Apr 11

windows xp slow to load web pages any help !

  northumbria61 25 Apr 11

There's 1 Tweak here that may work for you link text

  northumbria61 25 Apr 11

Other options are to clean out your Internet "cache" etc.

  jaygice 26 Apr 11

done all that windows still hanging for 10 secs then loads anythin else i can try

  ashleycardwell94 26 Apr 11

is windows itself slow and whats your internet speed?

  buteman 26 Apr 11

If using Internet Explorer download and use Firefox it is much quicker. I would also give Malwarebytes free an update and run just to see if it finds any problems.

  jaygice 26 Apr 11

speeds are good and i will give firefox a try and mal and post back

  buteman 26 Apr 11

I use Ad-block Plus with Firefox. If you were using I/E did you download another host file to use. I found that with I/E it was the new Host file that was slowing it down. So I removed it and it is much quicker at opening new web pages now. Another one to try is command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns then press enter on the keyboard. It should tell you the DNS Cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it works any quicker.

  jaygice 26 Apr 11

firefox abit better but how do i inport my favarites into firefox from ie

  buteman 27 Apr 11

Go to file in Firefox.Import. And import favorites from I/E

  jaygice 29 Apr 11

cheers for that !


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