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  PEG007 23 Jun 11

Laptop downloads and installs 32 bit files OK but stops- after starting- the 64 bit ones with the error message 800BO100. Running Windows 7 and wanting to install SP1. Any ideas? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Jun 11

800BO100 Usually relates to your firewall blocking the update.

Try disabling the firewall while you download the update.

  PEG007 26 Jun 11

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Thanks for your response. Tried shutting down virus and firewall programs without success. No joy from Microsoft help either.

  buteman 27 Jun 11

Maybe have a look at this and download the Windows 64bit version.

It also gives the error code as.

0x800B0100 TRUSTENOSIGNATURE No signature was present in the subject.

from microsoft

  northumbria61 27 Jun 11

PEG007 - If it is any consolation I have made several attempts to download/install SP1 using every method possible. I downloaded and run the System Update Readiness Tool (for 64bit) - disabled Firewall/Anti Virus but it made no difference - SP1 gets to 99% and fails. Same error code as you get.

My opinion is that it is because most of the updates contained withing SP1 are already downloaded and installed so I have no plans to make any further attempts.

PC is flying at the moment so I am no longer concerned with SP1 - the only thing is that it doesn't show up in Computer/Properties.

  PEG007 02 Jul 11

northumbria61 Thanks for your post. Like you everything otherwise seems ok and I've given up too! Thanks for the replies.


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