Windows 'Resize' does not work.....

  dave h 11:18 27 Sep 03

I'm always finding odd problems.....

One of my windows has gone to (around) 101%, and the 'Restore Down/Maximize' button at the top right of the window does not work (whichever is selected, the window remains the same). I can't use the 'Grab the corner' (or side/top) method, because they are 'off screen'.

I'believe' this problem started when I did a 'Maximize' from the tool bar (although I can't be certain of this).

Can anyone suggest how I can cure this?

  krypt1c 11:27 27 Sep 03

Can you see the top of the window ? If so you shoul be able to drag the whole window down by left click & drag. You should be able to resize than.

  Legolas 11:31 27 Sep 03

As krypt1c says if you left click on the blue bar across the top of your screen you will be able to move the entire screen till you see the 'Grab the corner' and you can then resize.

  dave h 11:38 27 Sep 03

Dammit....What are you guys?gals using out there???

I tried that before I posted, but after reading your response, tried it again..... and it worked!!!

You do that voodoo that you do so well......


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