windows re-install

  lee_robinson1983 17:55 06 Oct 06

Can someone please guide me through this step by step and advise if I need to remove any programs prior to doing it. I have already done one but must not have done everything right as my PC still has Direct 3D errors.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:58 06 Oct 06

Windows XP Home Install, Reinstall, upgrade, parallel install, and compatibility
click here

This is the best guide.

Are you sure you have the correct graphics drivers installed? What about DirectX - is it the latest version?

  Legolas 18:06 06 Oct 06

Good site Diodorus Siculus in my Postings

  Totally-braindead 18:35 06 Oct 06

Diodorus Siculus provided an excellent link, which I've added to my postings as well, very useful.
A couple of quick questions/thoughts.
You have already reinstalled windows you say. There are basically 2 things you could have done. Either you have tried a repair windows or you have done a complete reinstall. If you have done a complete reinstall the next thing you must do is install the motherboard drivers, you should have a disk for this, if not you can download the drivers from the motherboard manufacturers website.
If your motherboard is a couple of years old then the drivers windows installs may be newer than the ones on the motherboard disk. If not windows will install the best driver it has and this may cause problems. Next install everything else graphics card, sound card etc and then try it.
If you are having direct 3d problems then I would reinstall the motherboard drivers, reinstall the graphics drivers, and reinstall direct x. I would also try it with more than one game as the faults you mention could be caused by the game(which I presume is throwing up the faults) and there may be patches for it.

If you go to START RUN and type DXDIAG windows will run through its tests and hopefully will tell you what is wrong.

  lee_robinson1983 18:36 06 Oct 06

diodorus. Yea I got the latest drivers for MB and graphics card plus got direct X 9.0. still no joy, the error happens when I try and play games with a high graphic threshold, my graphics card and procesor are good enough (256Mb 7800Gtx and AMD X2 4800 Dual core). These errors have only occured since I sent my computer back to get repaired, was fine before.

  Totally-braindead 18:41 06 Oct 06

Run DXDIAG first and see what it says.

  lee_robinson1983 19:26 06 Oct 06

I ran DXDIAG and found that in the display tab it says 'no problems found but when I ran tests on DirectDraw, the computer crashed on the third test and on the Direct 3D test the cube doesn't move at all and the pixels are flaky, the Direct 3d 7 test had a 'failure at step 32(User verification of Direct3D rendering): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)'

All the acceleration options are enabled and the driver dates are 11/08/06.

Any ideas anyone?

  lee_robinson1983 23:25 06 Oct 06


  Diodorus Siculus 04:20 07 Oct 06

What about motherboard drivers?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 07 Oct 06

Sorry, I see Totally-braindead has suggested the motherboard drivers and you have the latest drivers for them.

It was a little late when I posted that...

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