Windows "User" Directory. Can it be changed/deleted ?

  iscanut2 12:56 24 May 13

I am about to sell my unwanted Samsung Net book but before doing so, I was wondering about the directory in the USERS section which is in my name. I cannot see how to change this and my questions are (1) Can it be changed and how ? (2) Can it be deleted and how ? (3) Should it be left alone ? Thanks.

  Woolwell 13:13 24 May 13

I would put it back to as supplied, factory restore, if possible as then you can be sure that nothing is left with your name, etc.

OS of net book?

  iscanut2 15:30 24 May 13

Net book Windows basic and upgraded to Win 7. Thanks, will restore to factory default ?

  Woolwell 15:48 24 May 13

Factory default will probably put it back to Windows Basic.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 24 May 13

Create a New User account with admin privileges

then use that account to remove your account from W7

  john bunyan 17:58 24 May 13

Then I would run CCleaner ,Tools, Drive Wipe, free space, with 3 passes. Takes about an hour.

  iscanut2 20:26 24 May 13

Thanks all. I have used the Samsung Restore facility which has set the computer back to the config it came with when new. I then upgraded it back to Win 7. Job done. Why did I not think of the obvious ?


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