Is this a windows problem or a driver problem,, or a hardware problem

  xania 05 Mar 13

I recently purchased 3 Brother HL 2310 printers. Two were installed immedaitel;y and have been working fine - the third was kept as a reserve. Then one of the other printers finally gave up the ghost and the reserve 2130 installed on that Windows XP PC. Afterone week that 3rd printer started reporting no paper incorrectly and, knowing the operator, today decided to do a swap with one of the other printers. However, this afternoon this replacement started reporting no paper. OK - not a printer problem. I totally uninstalled the driver, did a safe reboot and a normal reboot and then and reinstalled the driver. Within minutes, same problem. OK not a driver problem. So that leaves operator or Windows.

Any thought on what could be a Windows problem, or how I can prove its NOT a Windows problem, because I can't see how it can be an operator problem (although she has wrecked 3 PCs and 3 printers in 3 years).

Not in the office now until Wednesday morning, but it certainly wouldbe helpful if I could do/say something then.

  xania 05 Mar 13

Sorry - that should be HP 2130

  lotvic 05 Mar 13

Haven't looked at manual but is there any way to reset the printer firmware, if you haven't got the manual there is a link to it on page link - see below or you could try updating the firmware.

You could try to print a test page from the control panel (printer not connected to pc) Brother Solutions

  xania 05 Mar 13

Hi Lotvic. Thanks for your comments. However, as I said, I've ruled out the printer itself as a cause of the problem, and I'm now looking at Windows itself as a possible cause. However, I will also ask Brother Solutions if they've any ideas.

  wiz-king 05 Mar 13

I know it's not going to be of any help --- I have one of those users. 'I got something funny on the screen so I just pressed a few button now my PC wont work'!

  SparkyJack 05 Mar 13

How did paper problem check out

peper does have a print side surprisingly-usually indi cated by an arrow on the wrapper.

It is possible it is in tray wrong side up for the paper path, therefore it is not feeding. so try rurning the stack over.

  Woolwell 05 Mar 13

SparkyJack - I haven't seen any standard paper with an arrow for a long time. It would be irrelevant for double sided printing. Most paper, apart from photo paper, is double sided.

xania - I'm a bit confused because I cannot find a Brother HP-2130. Inkjet or laser?

  Woolwell 05 Mar 13

Possibly a stupid question - but printing from Word and the operator has previously chosen manual feed tray and it is defaulting to that?

  lotvic 05 Mar 13

I have a different printer but when mine has run out of paper and I put some more in the tray I have to press OK (either on the printer or the onscreen prompt) before printer knows I've filled the tray up.

Could it be that simple?

  Woolwell 05 Mar 13

Lazarus The 2nd From the first post - this problem has occurred with 2 printers and they were printing ok so drum unit and toner were installed correctly then.

  woodchip 05 Mar 13

May be a operator problem, she may be sticking a pen in the works when its trying to print. As it may not be working fast enough for her


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