Windows PC Overheating and disabling internet

  cianw1 20:07 26 Mar 15

So the past couple of days, my internet has randomly stopped working. It shows that I have a connection, but I get disconnected from any online game I'm playing, and cannot load a web page. It seems the only way to fix this is by restarting my computer, but I am then faced with a BIOS page saying CPU OVERTEMP press F1 to continue.

Once my computer has restarted I checked my CPU temp (Using both speedfan and Core Temp) and the temperatures are extremely high (between 94 and 97 degrees Celcius).

Both times this has happened the only programs I've had open are Dota2(online steam game), iTunes, and Firefox with a few tabs open. My computer has a pretty high spec so I don't think this should be a problem. I decided to switch off my computer and open up the case to see if it was clogged with dust, but there wasn't much, I also checked that all my fans are working which they are, and I think my computer has good airflow, there is nothing blocking the fans etc(I have a fan on the front and back of the case, one on the side and the CPU heatsink fan).


As I'm sitting here now my computer is pretty much idle, I only have Firefox open and my PC has been sitting here for about 15min without playing any games or doing anything CPU intensive, and my temperatures are still in the 80-90s.


Intel i7 960 @ 3.2GHz, 12GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit, NVIDIA GeForce 780,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:15 26 Mar 15

If your up for it-

remove the cpu fan from the heat sink and clear the layer of fluff that is most likely there.

if still hot after that it may be the thermal paste between heat sink and cpu requires cleaning off and renewing.

  wee eddie 20:47 26 Mar 15

FB: you think he'll get away with as little as that. I reckon that a look at the GPU Heatsink would make sense as well

  cianw1 20:54 26 Mar 15

I downloaded a more advanced temp monitor and seems like my GPU, motherboard and HDD temps are fine (~35C) Its only my CPU core temps that are high (~80-90C). I don't have a screwdriver with me atm so I can't remove the CPU heatsink to clean under it but will do asap, cheers

  bumpkin 21:13 26 Mar 15

Dont remove the heatsink yet just the fan, then clean any dust from the heatsink. If that fails then remove it and do as FB suggests with thermal paste.

  cianw1 22:16 01 Apr 15


So today I opened my computer and took off the heat-sink and fan, cleaned off all of the old thermal paste with isopropyl alcohol and generally gave my computer and its components a good cleaning/dusting. I then added a pea sized blob of new thermal paste onto the plate and re-attached the heat-sink and then the fan. After starting up the PC I looked at the temps and it was better but still not good (60C). Now as im writing this and the computer has been running a little longer and with firefox and itunes running the CPU temperature is back in the mid 90C. The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps the thermal paste is no good? I can't recall the brand name but I don't think its one of the big names, and its an old tube thats been open for a long while with not much paste left in it. I'm going to buy some new thermal paste now (arctic silver?) and perhaps upgrade my CPU fan, apart from this is there anything else anyone can think of that may be causing issues? Would really like to get this CPU overheating problem resolved asap incase its causing any long-term damage.

  wee eddie 23:03 01 Apr 15

Did you find any dust in the fins of the heat sink? Did you blow the dust out of the Graphics Card and PSU?

  wee eddie 23:05 01 Apr 15

Sorry, I posted the comment into the wrong thread

  cianw1 00:04 03 Apr 15

Anyone else have any advice?

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