Windows Password Reset Disk

  monkiheed 11:51 31 Oct 07


I have been trying to create a Windows Password Reset Disk for a local account on PC in a domain running Windows XP SP2. I have followed the instructions at the following website without success: click here

During the process I instruct windows to save the Password Reset file to a portable USB drive (I don't have a floppy drive) and the process completes. However when I look for the file on the USB drive there is nothing there!

Please can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

  ventanas 11:59 31 Oct 07

Until now I wasn't aware that you could create a password reset disk for a PC on a domain. Never seen it documented before.
Your problem may lie in instruction to insert a disc into drive A. It doesn't state that you can use any other form of media.
As far as I know it wasn't possible to use anything other than a floppy disc until Vista. The process just doesn't recognise the USB drive.

  monkiheed 12:04 31 Oct 07

Thanks for your response.

I know it is possible to do because I have reset disk files for local accounts on 13 other PCs in the domain and only a few still have floppy drives.

For the life of me I can't figure out what is different this time though!

  ventanas 12:15 31 Oct 07

Is there an option to set the path for the file to be saved to.

  monkiheed 13:15 31 Oct 07

Got it!

With one USB drive connected, you are unable to manually select which drive you want the file to be saved to (because there was only one available).

However when I connected a second USB drive I was given the option of two drives and after manually choosing one and after completing the rest of the reset disk process, I was able to see the .psw file that was previously missing.

Thanks for your input. I don't understand why it worked, but it did!

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