Windows Password

  Windsoar 20:45 31 Mar 03

We make use of the user profiles facility in windows 98 to enable each of my children to have their own set up (wallpaper,desktop items etc.) Unfortunately the 7 year old has changed her password and forgotten what she used (and probably mis-spelt!). Is there an expert out there who can coach her IT ignorant father on how to either retrieve her password or re-set it to somethign we both know?

  graham 20:55 31 Mar 03

Whilst not familiar with '98, do you have 'administrator' in control panel? You should be able to retrieve the situation from there.

  Windsoar 21:01 31 Mar 03

No - I haven't got "administrator".
I've got "Network" which gives me something called "Microsoft Family Logon" but with no useful options there. I've also got "users" which gives me a list of users and an option of "settings for Vicky" (and indeed settings for all the other memebrs of the family, but it's Vicky who has forgotten her password. Under the "settings for Vicky" option I am allowed to "change the password" but the first thing it wants is the old password!

  graham 21:06 31 Mar 03

What about doing 'system restore'?

  Windsoar 21:09 31 Mar 03

Doh - what's that?

  Windsoar 21:26 31 Mar 03

got to log off now - hope somebody may be able to help before tomorrow.

  j-anarchy 21:34 31 Mar 03

i'm not sure why this worked for me when i did it but anyways change the username when the password comes up and then restart your pc change it back and tada......(this worked on windows me and its only a thought if it doesnt work look up windows 98 hacking that might help)

  JoeC 07:47 01 Apr 03

going to

click here

and in the search box type in passwords. You should get a list including " 123 Password Recovery ". It should reveal the password behind the ********

  Windsoar 20:38 01 Apr 03

I have successfully downloaded the programme and installed it on my computer. It works well where I have been able to try it out (like on my ISP dialup prompt). But .... I have to have windows running to use the programme and my problem comes at the stage where I am still loading windows! I have tried accessing it through "start / settings / control panel / users / settings for selected user / set password" at which point I am offered a dialogue box asking for the old and new passwords, but all the boxes are blank and 123 password recovery only works when the password is hidden by a series of asterisks. Any other ideas where I might find the file to unmask?

By the way the download site looks very good and I will explore that further. Thanks.

  BlueMeanie 21:51 02 Apr 03


Try this....

Start, Find, Files

Then enter *.pwl

Click on Find now

If a file like Vicky??? . pwl is found then either delete it or rename it or move it away from the windows folder.

Vicky's password should now be deleted, and she can choose another.


  Windsoar 23:48 02 Apr 03

You are a genius
The simple fix you suggested has worked
Thank you

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