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  johndrew 15:17 27 May 06

I remember seeing, in PCA, a keypress to allow only windows to start on boot. It suppressed all other programs in the Start Up folder as I remember. Unfortunately I have been unable to either remember it or find it again.

Please can anyone help with the the Key input to achieve this. I am having difficulties with Acronis and should like to try making an image of my boot partition with only Windows and Acronis running. Currently the only way I can achieve an image is by using the Emergency Disk and this takes some 4 hours.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  crosstrainer 15:22 27 May 06

Hi john are you thinking about starting in safe mode?

  johndrew 15:51 27 May 06

Thanks for responding.

No, I can start in Safe Mode but it still leaves me with programs other than Windows running. I want to stop (or rather, not start) all programs other than Windows.

If you click here look here, you can see the sort of problems I, and others, have had. I was hoping that if nothing other than Windows and Acronis were running that when I validate the file it wont be corrupt as it currently is. I can produce `good` files by booting from the rescue disk but it takes forever and even then it is not possible to produce a complete disk (in my case 1 disk, 2 partitions) in a single image that is not corrupt when validated.

Does that make more sense? I`m not certain that I expressed my intentions clearly before.

  mattyc_92 16:03 27 May 06

Have you tried booting from the Acronis Emergancy CD and then create the backup?

Windows wont be loaded, nor anything else, just Acronis

  mattyc_92 16:05 27 May 06

just noticed that you can boot from the disc, but don't like it

  crosstrainer 16:20 27 May 06

Had a quick look around this looks like acronis software probs to me... since I don't want to be sued, I have a few ideas which are not printable here. Best Idea at the mo, make full backups (verify) and get rid! Then get your cash back.

  johndrew 16:46 27 May 06

Totally agree with your synopsis of Acronis but I have no intention of getting rid just yet. I still need to try this idea of running only Windows and Acronis and see what results I get.

Regardless of all the write ups in various periodicals, I`m far from certain that Acronis are producing a good product. I have seen some scathing remarks on sites subscribed to by users in the USA. Very similar problems as well!!

Someone out there knows how to achieve the login that I`m after, all I need is for them to read this and respond.

  johndrew 11:15 30 May 06


  mattyc_92 12:07 30 May 06

Try uninstalling it, and installing the older version of Acronis you have (in other words, don't update to the latest build from the site)
It is probably a bug in that (937) build!!

  johndrew 14:07 30 May 06

I already tried that. The results were much the same.

Acronis Support have responded. They want me to download the trial version of True Image 9.0 build #3633 to see if that cures the problems. Sounds to me as if they are desperate for me to fix their software by buying more!!!

  mattyc_92 14:14 30 May 06

I have noticed that most of the threads on the Acronis Forum seem to have a "Customer Care" repersentative trying to get the person who is having trouble to buy the latest version of their program...

I wonder why Acronis would do this.... lol

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