windows onecare live problems

  sinbad1 15:18 16 Dec 05

Some time ago i downloaded the beta version of windows onecare live, there were some problems after the download,so i uninstalled it.Since then i have been getting errors three errors in my event viewer code 24.

I have been unable to solve this problem although i did find the same problem click here and although they suggest a fix for this problem which i tried i still get the errors.

Has anyone had this problem or know if there is a cure. The computer works fine apart from the errors which i'd like to sort?

running xp home


  sinbad1 16:36 16 Dec 05

ant ideas?

  sinbad1 18:29 16 Dec 05


  PaulB2005 18:32 16 Dec 05

Depends what was causing the Error 24 - click here

  PaulB2005 18:32 16 Dec 05

If WinMgmt then click here

  PaulB2005 18:33 16 Dec 05

System Restore to before you installed it?

Reinstall it and then uninstall it?

  sinbad1 22:40 16 Dec 05

thanks for your response if you click on my link it gives the exact cause of the problem with a fix that for me doesn't work.

there are apparently a lot of other users of the windows one care beta that have had the same problem.

I have run the fix and removed registry files but still end up with the errors.System restore makes no difference.

I could reinstall the software in the hope it will correct the errors ;but now have to pay for it. Not prepared to do that just want to get rid of it.

reformat is not an option.


  sinbad1 08:50 17 Dec 05

problem is sorted


  PaulB2005 08:51 17 Dec 05

Can you tell us how in case any one else wants to know?

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