Windows Movie Maker Opening Error

  tonyq 24 Sep 12

Any Windows Movie Maker experts,I have made a movie in WMM,which consists of 7 short videos,with transitions,then saved to my PC (Windows Vista) No problems there. When I come to open the file again,I get the following error message, "The directory name is invalid" and will not open.Help Please!

  northumbria61 24 Sep 12

You have two options - you could first try a system restore if the problem/error is recent OR uninstall/reinstall Windows Live Essential(WMM is a part of that)

Go to control panel - Programs and Features - uninstall "Windows Live Essentials" - Reboot then reinstall Windows live Essentials. Reinstalling Windows Live Essentials WILL NOT mess up any thing all you have to do once you have reinstalled it is sign in to messenger if you have it.

Your files appear messed up and you have to clear any damaged files by uninstalling etc.

  northumbria61 24 Sep 12

I am assuming that your Windows Updates are up-to-date and therefore WLE is up to date.

  lotvic 24 Sep 12

"then saved to my PC"

do you mean you have saved the project (still working on it) or you have Published (saved the finished movie) to watch in any of your Media Players and your Media Player can't find it to open.

Which program is giving you the message?

"The directory name is invalid" I interpret that as meaning it's not called that anymore, you must have changed the name of the file or something.

Or am I off the mark and it's when you click on the movie file to open it.

  northumbria61 24 Sep 12

You may also find that "disabling" UAC (User Account Control) solves this problem.

  lotvic 24 Sep 12

The Vista Movie Maker is not quite the same one as you get in "Windows Live Essentials"

Vista Movie Maker came as part of Vista and has more features than the "Windows Live Essentials" cut down version.

  lotvic 24 Sep 12

the best free guide site I've found for all versions of Movie Maker is choose from menu on the left side.

  tonyq 24 Sep 12

Hi all,I now find that if I open WMM,then open the file from there,it opens o.k. I am using Vista Movie Maker I think! WMM Version 6.0. 6002.1827773

  lotvic 24 Sep 12

I think it must still be a project then.

  tonyq 24 Sep 12

lotvic, great site that you posted.

  lotvic 24 Sep 12

Certainly is, I always check on there to find out how to do stuff :)


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