Windows millenium

  misters 18:50 14 Feb 06

Hi i was given an old pc today and its full of crap pardon the french i was just wondering what was the best course of action to take full format or what, i dont have any disk though.

  Forum Editor 18:59 14 Feb 06

you're answering your own question - you can't format the drive.

Clear out the rubbish, defragment the drive, and see what effect it has.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 14 Feb 06

Crap Cleaner click here will clear alot of the rubbish

  palinka 19:32 14 Feb 06

YOu will find Win Millenium (ME) is fine when you're used to it - and when you've cleared out all the junk.
I have a desktop running ME and a laptop running XP. In my experience both are equally good.

  misters 21:13 14 Feb 06

Goin to give it to my nephew for msn messanger but when i try to install the newer version it say i need ie 6 but each time i try to install ie6 i get a message saying you need to restart pc to complete setup, which is fine but when i do this ie6 has still not been installed, also how do i put the blue ie icon on my desktop, i dont really know anything about this version of windows.

  Jak_1 21:17 14 Feb 06

Try deleting ie5 first and all references to it in the registry, use a good reg cleaner to do this.

I had win me on my last computer, only thing was that it hogs memory and does not like to give it back without a re-boot.

  misters 21:33 14 Feb 06

Can you recommend a good reg cleaner, i'm not really comfortable deleting ie as my bb has been installed.

  VoG II 21:41 14 Feb 06
  britto 21:51 14 Feb 06

this came in useful me
click here

  misters 17:55 15 Feb 06

Hi i managed to clear out most of the crap i think, so i began to install ie6 which was goin fine then after the installation i was asked to restart pc, which i did but now during boot up i get the message, "Cant Upgrade files %1 to %2
I get this message repeatily now i cant even get into windows a tall, any suggestions, thanx?

  VoG II 17:57 15 Feb 06

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