Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger

  Phil930 00:20 06 Jul 04

Just a small but irritating problem for me. I installed windows and updated windows messenger to 4.7 through the updates. I then installed msn messenger 6.2 from a download.

by default msn messenger has become primary and loads at startup and signs me in once my bb connection kicks in. however, it then signs me out saying 'i am signed in at another location' and upon this windows messenger starts. then windows messenger says 'you are signed in at another location' and msn messenger will be there.

The thing is, how do i get rid of windows messenger for good. its annoying. i ran msconfig in the run box and there is no command for win messenger to start, only one for msnmsgs (being the msn version) so how can win messenger be starting on boot?

  Smegs 00:28 06 Jul 04

Phil930, if you go into Add/Remove Programs, you will find it there. Do a search, to the left of this page, there has been loads on this same subject. There will be a setting somewhere to stop it from starting at first boot. Look in the settings of msn messenger .

  Smegs 00:30 06 Jul 04

Right, open Msn6.2, goto Tools-Options-then General Tab, untick the Auto sign in.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:33 06 Jul 04

Is it in your startup folder?...TT

  Smegs 00:35 06 Jul 04

Sorry, just re-read you thread. I think the same will apply to W/Messenger. Untick the MSNMSGS in msconfig. That way non of them will start up.

  Phil930 00:39 06 Jul 04

i don't mind the msn messenger starting at boot, this is the one i want.

Its windows messenger i want removed, sorry for not making that more clear. In this i have removed the options to auto sign in and stopped in at boot yet it still signs me in, why and how i do not know.

can u remove it from windows? In add/remove programs i do not see an option for windows messenger, only msn messenger.

  Phil930 00:40 06 Jul 04

my startup folder is empty

  hillybilly 00:43 06 Jul 04

goto control panel, then click on add/remove progs.

click on windows components on the left hand side.

scroll down to the bottom and un tick windows messenger and click okay.

  Smegs 00:47 06 Jul 04

No, it's in the TOOLS tab at the top of the MSN page.

  Smegs 00:49 06 Jul 04

Phil930, startup folder in MSCONFIG.

  hillybilly 00:53 06 Jul 04

Not on Xp Pro it's not, the guy says he wants to keep MSN and he wants to to get rid of Windows Messenger. Please just pasify me and have a look at what I suggested, because I still think I'm right.

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