Windows Mediia Centre (TV)?

  geedad 22:08 31 Aug 10

IN Windows 7 Media Centre, does it receive and record TV, or does it require an additional (TV)card?

  FRANKMAC 22:19 31 Aug 10

If this is a new pc, i would assume that it has a TC card installed, a few years back i brought a new pc with Windows Media pre-installed and it came with the TC card.


  FRANKMAC 22:26 31 Aug 10

Sorry that should say "TV Card"

  FRANKMAC 22:27 31 Aug 10

It should also be listed in the spec of the machine.

  geedad 23:39 31 Aug 10

Lazarus The 2nd, FRANKMAC.
Thanks for the info!
Just what I needed to know.

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