Windows Media Player10 - internal application prob

  NickyK 06:45 16 Jan 05

I seem to keep having to reinstall Windows Media Player 10. It was okay up until recently. Now, I keep getting the message "Internal applications error". This results in my having to unintall/scroll back, then re-install it. I am not knowingly using any new software-cleaners that would *!@: it off.

I run WindowsXP SP2 on a spanking new Dell, with AVG as my anti-virus and Mcafee as my firewall. I don't know what I've done to annoy my media player and woould love some advice.

  ICF 07:31 16 Jan 05

Is there not an microsoft error code within the error message?

  NickyK 07:36 16 Jan 05

No, ICF. At the headline of the box, it says "Wiundows Media Player 10". In the text area, it simply says "An internal appication error has occurred", acompanied by an exclamtion mark in a yellow triangle. No error code.

  ICF 07:37 16 Jan 05

Do you have the beta version installed?

  NickyK 07:40 16 Jan 05

No, but I remember I do have a Windows error message on start-up. However, I am not sure it has anything to do withy the media player because I have been using th4e media player happily despite the error message. The error message asks me if I want to continue running pages on such-and-such. I always ignore it and, as I say, I have had no problems with Windows media Player10 until now.

  ICF 07:47 16 Jan 05

Do you have a codecs package installed?

  ICF 07:48 16 Jan 05
  ICF 07:53 16 Jan 05

Install this codec package click here

  ICF 07:59 16 Jan 05

Sorry the above link does not work tryclick here

  NickyK 08:30 16 Jan 05

Thanks, ICF. I will try your link later when I am less upset. Your help is appreciated. N.

  ICF 09:03 16 Jan 05

Upset not by me I hope :-(

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