Windows Media Player on Windows 7

  ponytail 22 Dec 12

I have changed from XP to Windows 7 and want to use Windows Media Player to burn to a CD but it looks completely different.I used to be able to drag and drop music tracks.There is no copy to CD Tab so how does it work.There is also the following message Windows Media Player is not configured for the internet how do I find the internet connection wizardProbl

  iscanut2 22 Dec 12

Have a look at this and see if it helps...

  iscanut2 22 Dec 12

PS There is a a tab on the player for creating a CD ..... " BURN "

  ponytail 22 Dec 12

Hi iscanut I clicked on your link and followed all the instructions for internet connection but the message still appears when I select media player

  iscanut2 22 Dec 12

I wonder if it is worth going back to the previous version. Worth a try so download from here

  Woolwell 22 Dec 12

Windows Media Player has a good help section and a worthwhile read.

With the music library open then look to the right and you should see three tabs Play, Burn and Sync. Burn is the one you want.

  Woolwell 22 Dec 12

iscanut's link applies to earlier versions of WMP.

Have a read of Answers MS

  ponytail 23 Dec 12

Still having problems using Windows Media Player on Windows 7 My wife has Media Player on her laptop which runs XP.When she clicks on it she gets the following tabs down the L/H side Now Playing Media Guide Copy from CD Media Library Radio Tuner Copy to CD or Device This is completely different to what I get which is. At the top left to right Library Playlists Untitled Playlist

It is a completely different screen I did download WindowsMedia Player 9 Series SDK but not sure what thatb does.Also downloaded that on my wifes Laptop but she still gets the same screen.Is it possible to get the same as she gets even if I am using windows 7 and not XP

  Nontek 23 Dec 12

Sorry, but I think you are wasting your time trying to get WMP on Win7 - I have wasted many days trying the same after changing from XP to Win7, none of the so-called fixes found via Google and/or Microsoft work at all. I HAVE GIVEN UP, something I thought I would never say on this forum!

  ponytail 23 Dec 12

What is the main difference between what I am now getting on Windows 7 and what I used to get on XP

  xox101 23 Dec 12

If all you want is to burn a CD.

VLC for video and Winamp or Media Monkey or many others for music.

There really is no need for Windows Media Player unless you have an "N" version of Windows 7 and need to connect an Android phone using the MTP protocol.


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