Windows Media player V9

  Sprat 20:14 13 Apr 04

Can copy audio files to Media Player from CD's, but when burning to CD-R Media Player burns the first track and then closes CD. using Maxell CD-R 74XL. Any help please.

  keith-236785 22:48 13 Apr 04

Hi sprat,

im a little confused as to what your problem is, is it that you can't copy to cd properly or that once copied they dont play back.

i use or have used Maxell cd's in the past and found them to be very good, reliable discs so i dont think it will be the discs at fault (but you can never say never).

give us a little more info so we can try to help, Operating system, cd writing software etc....

  Sprat 08:13 14 Apr 04

Hi Paperman27
Using Windows XP Home
Can compile playlist in media player
When copying to CD, first track copies OK then CD is 'closed' Have reduced speed to 2X but still the same.

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