Windows Media Player problem

  Yardie 12:04 PM 09 Aug 11

Windows Media player 12 on a windows 7 desktop PC. When I play any of the records that are ripped to my hard drive, a few seconds before the end of the record the sound seems to flutter & briefly pause, if i drag the progress slider back and replay the end section the record plays correctly.

  lotvic 13:11 PM 09 Aug 11

Try the steps in this article

MP3 files that are part of a playlist have started to skip or jump about 20 seconds from their end

  Yardie 20:19 PM 09 Aug 11

Thank you for the reply, have tried doing as per your, link but no change.

I have disconnected the speakers from PC & tried it with headphones, which still gives the same error.

My System is based on a Intel (R) core(TM) quad q6600 @ 2.40Ghz with 4Gb memory, would have thought that should play music OK, this happens even when WMP is the only program that I'm running.

  lotvic 21:03 PM 09 Aug 11

What Sound Card do you have?

Did you try All of the things in the link?

  Yardie 09:46 AM 11 Aug 11

My main board is a DELL OFM586 with onboard sound.

Have downloaded RealPlayer this functions correctly, but I prefer WMP.


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