Windows media player on laptop-problem

  ReyesKing 16:06 03 Sep 05

Hi i have some mp3 music files on my computer that i wish to transfer to my laptop. I entered a usb data stick into the USB drive and transferred the music files by dragging them into the appropriate drive. When i enter the pen drive into the laptop and attempt to play the mp3 files on Windows media player a message appears that says 'Windows media player cannot open this file' and says something about codecs. I know you can download these and i tried to download a codec pack and install it on my laptop but nothing happened. My laptop does not have an internet connection. I also tried playing the files on realplayer but it would not play them either.

Thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 16:18 03 Sep 05

How did you get them onto your PC? If you recorded them with media player / downloaded them, they may be marked with DRM - digital rights management - and thus only able to run on the hardware on which they were created.

If not that, then

Find A Codec For Windows Media Player 9 - HERE!
click here

Codec Installation Packages
click here

  ReyesKing 16:23 03 Sep 05

hey thanks i'll try what you recommended

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