'Windows Media Player - Internal Application Error

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:07 05 Jun 03

I've searched this site and although there was a similar topic in April there was no indication of the resolution, so here goes.

I had to a system restore and now I can't open Windows Media Player 9 - I get an error message 'Windows Media Player - An Internal Application Error has occurred'.

I've downloaded WMP9 (for ME) again, but I get the same message.

I can't uninstall the player.

I've tried to go back to the restore point prior to upgrading to WMP9 but when it finishes I get a message "Your computer cannot be restored to (date/time). No changes have been made....".

I've search the MS Knowledge Base but found nothing.

I tried to make an on-line query to the MS techies but it gets blocked because my Windows ME has an OEM reference.

Anyone any ideas on what else I can try?

  Gaz 25 16:21 05 Jun 03

Phone: 0870 60 10 100

Tell them that it is important.

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:15 07 Jun 03

Gaz 25 thanks for the number. I haven't been ignoring you, just haven't had chance to ring yet.
I'll try Monday.

ps: Judging from the MS message board I'm not the only one with this problem, but none of the suggested remedies have worked thus far.

  Philip2 20:16 07 Jun 03

You can not uninstall Windows player nine it is important that you should have had a restore point before installing WM9 the only way of getting rid of it is a full OS reinstall.
Unless some IT wiz knows any other way.

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:45 08 Jun 03

Zach, who helped to write MP9, via the MS message board suggested various remedies that didn't work for me, and eventually sent me to a site he runs in his spare time (here for anyone who has a similar problem click here )from where I again downloaded MP9 and now .... it works OK!!!

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