windows media player 9 series

  bugsy1058 18:23 24 Sep 03

i am running windows 98 se and have lost sound
on windows media player 9 ,i have tried downloading again but have the same problem
any ideas ?

  Ironman556 18:39 24 Sep 03

Go to the device manager (Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager) and check you have no problems with your sound card. You'll see a yellow triangle next to it if you have.

If that's fine I'd try re-installing the sound drivers. If you have the sewtup discs uninstall from the add/remove and then put the setup disc in and follow through.

If you don't have the setup disc then note the sound card make/model from device manager and download the drivers from the manufacturers website.


  SANMIGUEL 18:40 24 Sep 03

try downloading your sound drivers again or the newer ones

  Proxy worm 19:13 24 Sep 03

i am thinking upload rivers agin

  Stuartli 19:18 24 Sep 03

You may have inadvertently muted the sound output either on WMP itself, via the volume/mixer panel or on another program that uses sound.

In the mixer control, if nothing is muted that shouldn't be, then push the sliders right to the top.

Your soundcard may well also have a mixer - check that as well...:-)

  bugsy1058 10:51 25 Sep 03

i had the player on mute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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