Windows Media Player and 3GP

  Bestselling Author 15:42 13 Aug 05

Does anyone know if Windows Media Player has any updates that will allow it to play 3gp movies recorded on a mobile phone?

  ACOLYTE 16:02 13 Aug 05

i donubt it as the extension i dont think i supported outside mobile phones.

  Completealias 16:10 13 Aug 05

Quicktime will play files with the .3gp extension click here

  ACOLYTE 16:21 13 Aug 05

Well i never knew that,but i have never used Quicktime,i think its far to intrusive,bit like realplayer.All you need in theory then is the quicktime codecs not the player.

  Completealias 22:54 13 Aug 05

I suppose so it is only the 6.5 version that supports 3gp thou.

  Pooke 23:20 13 Aug 05

6.4 is what I am using, came with my cheapo olympus camera. It plays 3gp no problem, although on my system real is the default player.

  ACOLYTE 23:24 13 Aug 05

Well i must say i am suprised that they play outside moblie phones but i am wrong and i admit it.

  Pooke 23:29 13 Aug 05

You can also import 3gp into nero vision express and edit the files!

Done it a few times with clips of my kiddies I'd taken on my phone.

  Completealias 23:32 13 Aug 05

You learn something new everyday a friend was asking me if I could put 3gp files onto a dvd for her so she can play them back through her dvd player.

So I can just import them into nero vison express edit them and then burn to disk for playback through the telly?

  Pooke 23:37 13 Aug 05

yep, see an example here click here

they'll be rubbish quality mind you. this is one of the kids running about and I dubbed the benny hill theme over it.


  ACOLYTE 23:40 13 Aug 05

Pooke thats good i like that dispite the quality
good job.

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