Windows Media Player

  exprog 10:42 21 Aug 08

Since yesterday I am having great problems with Media Player. Everytime I play a song the CPU usage goes to 100% and stops me doing anything else on the machine. This is the case whether the track is on my hard disk or CD.
When I close Media Player, the music stops, media player goes from screem, but CPU usage is still in the high 90's.

Currently running Media Player 11 but the same happens with Media player 10.

  Seth Haniel 11:22 21 Aug 08

what program is showing the high CPU use?

  exprog 12:25 21 Aug 08

The program used is a utility called 'Whats Running'.
Task manager also shows 100%, and is what I use to shut Media Player down.
The funny thing is, if I play an avi file, there is no problem.
I have tried all the usual things like System Restore, AVG and ad-aware, but do help.

  Seth Haniel 13:18 21 Aug 08

This program determines what software is running on a HTTP (Web) - FTP - POP3 (mail) - NNTP (news) - SMTP (mail) server. Requires VB 5.0 runtimes.

Think you could probably do without this program if it is causing more grieve than use.

  exprog 13:33 21 Aug 08

The program I run is at :-

click here

The problem I have is not 'Whats Running' but Media Player. When Media Player is running it takes all the CPU and no other program can be
started. Any programs running then stop.

I've noticed it happens when I just start it up and do not use. it takes a couple of seconds then the cpu usage rises rapidly until it reaches 100%.

It seems that media player is doing something, but I don't know what.

  sinbads 15:07 21 Aug 08

start in safe mode try WMP see if you get the same response

  exprog 15:47 21 Aug 08

Started in safe mode, but WMP would not start. Got message 'Device attached to system not functioning'
Went into Device Manager and Yellow ? was against Parallel device.
I have a Parallel printer connected to the computers parallel port and another PCi parallel card inserted for second printer.

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