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  bob308w 16:35 17 Dec 05

when I try to play a radio station on wmp, I get the error code COOD1197. How do I enable all network protocols to overcome this problem? Windows troubleshooting page tells me to go; tools, options, then click "network" tab to do so. I can find no network tab here. What am I doing wrong? Running windows XP home.

  bob308w 16:58 17 Dec 05

found it! all protocols ticked, still no radio. Any ideas please ?

  ade.h 18:00 17 Dec 05

The network tab is normally top right of the options dialogue window.

Which version of WMP do you have? (Just for reference).

  ade.h 18:00 17 Dec 05


  bob308w 19:14 17 Dec 05

Was on wmp 10, gone back to 9 but no difference. When I select wmp, i get the egg timer for a couple of minutes, then "page not available". CD player works ok.

  bob308w 20:13 17 Dec 05

Can you elaborate on "firewall?" ?

  ade.h 21:47 17 Dec 05

Which firewall are you using? It may be blocking the relevant part of WMP.

  bob308w 21:52 17 Dec 05

I am using Bullguard, is this likely to be the problem? I ask because wmp was working ok last week end. I can't think of anything that has changed since then.

  spuds 22:05 17 Dec 05


The firewall theory is very interesting. I have had many problems with wmp 10, and the question about firewalls have never been mentioned.Can you please offer further advice on this!.

  ade.h 22:31 17 Dec 05

Well; the tricky thing with some firewalls is their program control and their IP based rules systems.

For example, a firewall that is set by the user (or maybe doesn't give any option) to handle program control automatically can be a mojor problem if it takes a dislike to a particular behaviour or connection attempt. In some cases it can be difficult or even impossible to change the newly created setting.

I'm running Kerio on two of my PCs at the mo' and Outpost on another; these ask you what to do every time a new behaviour occurs. With Kerio, you tick a box to create a rule and then click on Allow or Deny. This will happen not just for connections but also for program launches.

It all hinges on whether your firewall has automatic or user-defined protocols and if they are user-defined, how did you respond the first time that it asked you?

  ade.h 22:34 17 Dec 05

In the specific case of WMP, it's pernicious in its attempts to connect to the outside world for updates, track info, streams, licenses and God knows what else.

If one of its connection attempts is apparently being blocked by something; the second step - after checking WMP's own settings - is to check deep within your firewall's configuration options and rules/protocols.

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