windows media player

  craigchaos01 18:40 03 May 04

how can i set up radio one to play through my windows media player.when looking through the stations i couldnt find it listed anywhere. is it possible, am i just bein a bit slow on the takeup

  Gongoozler 18:56 03 May 04

According to their website click here, you have to use RealPlayer.

  stalion 18:58 03 May 04

if you want real player click here

  chaos01 21:02 03 May 04

mmmm, bugger.why is that or is it just one of them things cause thats the way it has to be. i have real player so i'll go and have a look at it.

  Gongoozler 21:17 03 May 04

It's just the format that Auntie Beeb have chosen.

  chaos01 21:27 03 May 04

i have a 5.1 sound card and have all the speakers but it only seems to play the radio through the two front speakers and the sub woofer, is there a way to get it to play through all of them or is that another one of the thats just how it is things

  Gongoozler 21:38 03 May 04

In my computer, I have to select in the sound card options what the speaker layout is, perhaps yours is the same. If its only like this on the radio, then I guess that's how it's done. I only have stereo speakers so I can't try it myself.

  chaos01 21:58 03 May 04

thanks very much for taking the time to post a reply Gongoozler, appreciated it.yeah it is only happening on the radio, but i just wanted to check i wasnt missing something ie not configuring something right.I'll leave the thread sittin open for a day just in case someone else sees a way round it.Dont think there is a way round it but would be pleasantly suprised if someone could see a way round. just in case anyone is wonderin i was listening to it through the real player and not directly of the radio one website (technically i was but u know what i mean i opened real player first and went through its radio browser.

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