Windows media player 11 took 2gb of space

  VNAM75 01:12 10 Feb 09

I just installed it. The file was £24mb but how can it take up so much space? I have Xp sp3. I this normal?

I might go back to version 10 unless 11 is really good because I only have 6gb free on my c drive (size 76gb)

  Diodorus Siculus 01:25 10 Feb 09

First off, do you run a disk clean up utility like ccleaner click here to remove some temp files that are no longer necessary? If not, it would be a good way to clear some space.

Windows update also tends to use a lot of disk space and if you find that the machine runs well with SP3 then the advanced options of ccleaner will allow you to remove the uninstall files which SP3 has installed.

As for why WMP11 uses 2GB, I have no idea.

  VNAM75 02:04 10 Feb 09

Yes, I ran a few reg cleaners but it made little difference.

It did take a while to install wmp 11.

  Diodorus Siculus 02:31 10 Feb 09

CCleaner isn't primarily a reg clean but a cleaner for removing unnecessary files.

WMP can take time to fully install though if I recall correctly.

  VNAM75 15:06 10 Feb 09

I think windows may have created a big restore point. Anyone know how to delete it?

  johndrew 15:17 10 Feb 09

Go to `My Computer/System Restore` and turn it off (check the box at the top). Restart the PC and go to the same place and uncheck the box to re-start System Restore.

Be aware you will lose ALL Restore Points by doing this.

  brundle 15:20 10 Feb 09

Where did the 2GB come from? If it's from the Add/Remove list, that's very rarely a true reflection. click here

  VNAM75 15:27 10 Feb 09

Thanks, but if I "go back" will I have to reinstall WMP 11? If I do, should I turn off system before I install WMP 11?

  VNAM75 18:12 10 Feb 09

Managed to sort it. I reduced the % allocation from 12% to 8% and removed all restore points apart from most recent and it freed 2gb+

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