windows media player 11

  swansong 18:38 01 Jul 07

I am unable to play my stored music on wmp. I am getting the message selected file has an extension(.lnk) that is not recognized by wmp. I am using windows vista and wmp11. The problem has only arisen since today, hope someone is able to help

  brundle 18:53 01 Jul 07

You are trying to play a shortcut, not the media file itself. Right click the .lnk file, select Properties, click "Find Target".

  swansong 19:44 01 Jul 07

Not being very computer savvy, could you tell us how to locate the .lnk file.

  brundle 19:48 01 Jul 07

What do you do to actually start playing a track - use Search from your Start menu or start Windows Media Player and then use the media library?

  swansong 20:10 01 Jul 07

I use Search from the Start menu and click on the wmp icon.

  brundle 15:59 02 Jul 07

Wait unti the search is finished - you will probably find two entries for songs that have a shortcut - try them both. If only the shortcut appears then the file may have been deleted. Windows makes shortcuts to recently used files, but the search shouldn't pick those up. Failing that look in your Music folder and see if the track is there, run it from there and it may update the .lnk file to locate the correct file next time.

  swansong 11:23 03 Jul 07

thanks fo solving the problem

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