Windows Media Player 10 - converting Music Files

  Geord 17:25 05 Oct 06

Can somebody please provide me with a simple guide as to how I can convert music files from wma format to mp3.

I have a phone with an MP3 player, but most of my music tracks on WMP are in wma format. I therefore need to convert before transferring to the phone?

Is there a simple way of doing this with WMP 10, or do I need to download additional software?

I run Windows XP Pro with SP2.


  sean-278262 17:26 05 Oct 06

DBpoweramp it is free (by the magic of google) and the best way to transcode however it is better to not transcode and to use an original CD for the best quality.

  Geord 17:33 05 Oct 06

Thanks Creature of the Nite.

The tracks on my WMP are downloaded so there's no original CD. I'll therefore look at DBpoweramp - presumably it's a simple process?!

  Stuartli 17:35 05 Oct 06

If you Rip your WMA files in Windows Media Player you can convert them to MP3 (Tools>Options>Rip Music tab)

  Ptolemy 17:44 05 Oct 06

How do you rip a .wma in Windows Media Player? I'm not familiar with this process.

The easiest way I've found to covert .wma to mp3 is via iTunes.

click here

install the free download - go into "Edit" - "Preferences" and set the folder location, file type (i.e. mp3) and desired bitrate.

Then "File" and "Add file to library"

Right click on the track listing and select "convert to mp3"

  Geord 17:54 05 Oct 06


I've tried without success - I'm obviously missing something. I'm in the "Library screen" with the tracks listed and then followed your instructions; I've selected "mp3 format" under the Rip Music tab clicked OK, but nothing happens. I can't find an option to actually "rip" the tracks / files themselves. All the files in the "My Music" folder remain in wma format.

Sorry for appearing daft, but are you able to give me a step guide to change the format, so that I end up with mp3 files?

Thanks again

  Geord 17:59 05 Oct 06

Thanks Ptolemy - I'll give that a try; that looks nice and simple for a novice like me!

Like you I'd still be interested though if there is a way to do it solely within WMP10 without the need for a 3rd party download.

Thanks again.

  Ptolemy 18:03 05 Oct 06

He may be talking (writing?) about WMP11 - I'm certain it can't be done in WMP10....?

  spud22 18:05 05 Oct 06

i think he means you can rip cds in mp3 format you cant convert in wmp

  Geord 18:34 05 Oct 06


I've downloaded ITunes, but still no joy! None of the wma files appear in the I Tunes Music Library (although the existing mp3 ones do) Is there a way I can get the wma ones into the library to convert? They presumably need to show in the Library before I can follow the Edit - Preferences route?


  Ptolemy 18:41 05 Oct 06

hang on _ I'll have a quick experimnet and give a step-by-step guide

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