Windows ME will not close

  twitcher 15:19 30 May 04

A friend of mine has asked me for advice, but I’m afraid I don’t know the answer. He has a Compaq Presario running Windows ME and has had difficulty closing down Windows. This is an extract from the email he sent me:-

“When trying to close down I have received the following error messages and wondered if you have any solutions.

"svcpack has caused an error in (unknown)
svcpack will now close" - ['close' button]

The above message has appeared only once.

"ncase Alert"

"ncase removed without consent

1. * reinstall ncase

2. * leave uninstalled

3. * remind later"

The last message has appeared several times. I usually choose option 1 and it seems to go through some system checking routine and then invites me to click ok.

At the moment the only way to close down is to do Ctl - Alt -Del and choose 'Shut-down.' ”

As I have never encountered any of these problems I have no idea what advice to give. Has anybody any idea what is going wrong?

  Graham ® 15:28 30 May 04

Could be an antivirus program is set to scan on shutdown. Turn off any antivirus and see if it makes any difference.

  VoG II 15:30 30 May 04

nCase is spyware click here

  Graham ® 15:34 30 May 04

And here click here

  VoG II 15:39 30 May 04

So they need Ad-aware click here Spybot click here and CWShredder click here

  Graham ® 15:51 30 May 04

I get the impression we should be looking for malware first. A large proportion of problems are turning out to be caused by some nasty or other.

My neighbours' son downloaded Messenger, and immediately got the CoolWebsearch hi-jacker.

  twitcher 18:59 30 May 04

Many thanks everybody. I'll pass on your advice.

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