Windows ME System seizing up?

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:45 17 Mar 04

For some reason I'm now experiencing the following problems:

1 - when I double click the 'My Computer' icon it takes about 10 secs for the window to open, and a further 15 secs for the detail to be displayed.

2 - When I type an internet address into the address bar and click 'Go' there's a delay of 10 secs before a response (but if I click that same address in my 'Favourites' list the response is immediate). btw I'm on broadband.

3 - Within my folders, eg 'My Documents' the icons are now listed Z to A. Arranging the icons by name makes no difference. However if I choose 'small icons' and arrange by name they then display A to Z.

I've run my AV program - nothing found.

I tried 3 'System Restore' to various dates but they failed. I downloaded Q290700 (to solve the pre-Sept 2001 problem - although I had previously done that about a year ago) but then lost the previous 'Check Points'.

After that I removed 'Money 2004' that I had upgraded to about a week ago and also an update to my digital photos gateway software.

Result - no change to the problems.

I then tried a 'System Restore' to the new point prior to the deletions, but it gets about 2/3 of the way then freezes - so that's still not working (btw I have backed up the deletions I made).

The only other recent changes I've made is the installing of a firewire card and swapping a CD RW drive for a DVD RW drive. I didn't notice any problems following that.

What a sad story! anyone got any ideas?


  The Spires 12:03 17 Mar 04

Download & run with IE closed CWShredder, it's only a few k in size click here

  Wes Tam ;-) 12:19 17 Mar 04

Thanks The Spires, I tried it but no change.

Nice little utility though.

  Wes Tam ;-) 13:13 19 Mar 04

Today I downloaded a security update to Word 2000 (only because I was using Auto Route and took advantage of looking for updates) and now I notice that my problems 1 and 2 have been cured.

Problem 3 still remains though.

Aren't computers wonderful!!

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