Windows ME Reinstallation Prob.

Windows Installation was fine until this happened: the computer started up with the error 'Explorer.exe failed to load, Please reinstall Windows'. This was the first problem, however. I got into the setup of Windows ME and it got 2 about 65% total and then it said there was an Application Error and you could ignore it or Close the program. When you choose ignore it just flashes up the same message. If you choose Close the setup exits and you are left with the command prompt. I have tried this 3 times twice in an ordinary CD ROM Drive and once in the CD RW Drive. The computer is 666Mhz, 256mb ram, 160GB HD, Windows ME, CD RW + CD ROM. Please Help!!!! Thanx

  Diodorus Siculus 22:00 03 Jul 04

Have you formatted the disk and tried a clean install?

No cos ive only just got everything installed on their i want and i was just seeing if ne1 had ne bright ideas on here b4 i put the hard drive in this comp and try 2 find out wots rong. Thanx

  gold 47 22:31 03 Jul 04

Have you put the Direct X 9b update in i did this and i got the same error on boot up you will have to reinstall your system don't format.
I have a dual boot WXP and WME but i gave up with WME reformated and went back to good old W98 no problem since,that was because i reinstalled WME three times could not resolve the problem.

i dont really no i just let windows update do it all, so probably i did.

  gold 47 22:53 03 Jul 04

I think latest update has caused the problem as i said there is no way out but reinstall your system
you could try leaving the Direct X update out.
It would be of some interest if other people have had this problem running WME,perhaps you should turn the auto update off.

ok so theres no other way? Thanx

  sattman 18:25 04 Jul 04

Can you restore the system to a known good point

nah i dont fink so cos the installation was new in anyway. Rite ive got tht 1s hard drive in this comp and i was wonderin if it was explorer.exe was the prob i could get a new 1 from the internet, or is tht not how it works? Thnx T.

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