windows me reinstall cant get old apps to load

  spud22 16:45 21 Jun 03

I had to reinstall windows the other day i deleted the old version as the new install kept giving me errors.Is there any way of getting old progs to work without reinstalling everything.

  Jester2K II 17:03 21 Jun 03

If you deleted the old windows installation then the answer is almost certainly no. The registry will have been rebuilt and now will not contain references to your old software.

Better just to reinstall it.

  spud22 17:22 21 Jun 03

thx was just wondering if there would be a copy of the reg somewhere.

  Jester2K II 17:23 21 Jun 03

Nope not if it deleted the old Windows and also your prbably wouldn't want to use the old one anyway because you will introduce more entries that you don't want than you do. Then you'll have to start taking the ones causing problems out.

Belive me when i say there is no other practical (or better) solution in this situation than reinstalling.

just reinstall things as you need them...

  Jester2K II 17:27 21 Jun 03

....... Maybe spend a day or two getting your PC with all the apps installed, then make a Ghost Image so that next time you can simply go back to the same Windows set up with the applications installed. I understand you Norton Ghost or something. Do a search for Ghost..

  spud22 17:36 21 Jun 03

thanx Jester good idea i just didnt fancy having to reinstall everything but better get on with it.

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