Windows ME Memory Upgrade

  osben 14:09 26 Mar 03

I have been told from one source that I cannot upgrade my ddr ram from 256Mb to 512Mb as Windows ME will not address it.
I have also been told that I can upgrade the memory to in excess of 512MB

Who is right??

Can someone please clarify?

  leo49 14:13 26 Mar 03

Without 3rd party memory management, Windows 9x has great difficulties handling more that 512mb. 512mb is fine though - that's what I run with ME.


  powerless 14:13 26 Mar 03

You can go over 512MB by making some changes, within windows.

  osben 14:19 26 Mar 03

Thanks for your reply
Any ideas as to where I go to find the changes necessary to make to Windows.

Would I need to make any changes to my BIOS as well do you know?

Thanks for your response.

  powerless 14:34 26 Mar 03

Ok, here's what i remeber...

Go to Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Then click "ok".

Find [VCache]...

Then make the following change....

MaxFileCache = 524288

Then save it.

  osben 16:26 26 Mar 03

I will give it a try.


  IZZY 16:44 26 Mar 03

Hi, Osben,

I am also running Win ME and have 640Mb RAM installed.

1 x 128Mb Samsung which came with system
1 x 512Mb Crucial installed over a year ago.

I can't say I've had any signs of the well-documented problems associated with ME with more than 512Mb RAM but there again I just might be lucky.

Nor have I made any alterations to the VCache but I am using Cacheman to manage the physical memory with Virtual Memory disabled.

If you haven't already bought the memory I would strongly advise you to go to Crucial

click here

and buy the memory module specifically recommended for your Motherboard. They have a chart which can tell you which memory module you need provided you know the make and model of your M.Board

Hope this helps with your decision.



  osben 12:11 27 Mar 03

Thanks for that.

I do intend t go to Crucial, Heard nothing but good reports about them.


  suzie005 14:34 27 Mar 03

i have ME and went from 256 to 512 last summer.ordered memory from crucial and it arrived next day.had the problem with pc accepting it and they talked me thru exactly wot powerless has told u.then they emailed me the instructions.u can't go wrong with them

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