Windows ME internet access problem

  maybeso 21:53 12 Nov 05

when I click on my internet explorer icon the home page and dialer box appears and i get on the internet fine. when i come off the internet and click the icon again the dialer page comes up but the home page will not appear again until i restart the computor. when i log off the dialer page comes up twice without me pressing any keys. I have run spy botch, cleared the cookies,ran anti virus and deleted temp files but cannot cure promblem. anyone got any ideals.

  Skyver 22:17 12 Nov 05

Remove the internet connection/dial up info, reboot and re-install/set it up again.

  maybeso 22:55 12 Nov 05

Thanks Skyver I removed all the dial up information restarted and reset up from beginning but still have same problem

  Skyver 22:57 12 Nov 05

What do you see the second time? Page cannot be found etc? Does IE appear at all?

  maybeso 23:01 12 Nov 05

just the dial up connection box if i click it it connects me to the internet but i i have no internet explorer page

  Skyver 23:02 12 Nov 05

Even if you start IE from the Start Menu, after you've connected?

  woodchip 23:08 12 Nov 05

Are you using AOL?

  VoG II 23:09 12 Nov 05

Has it always done this? If not, System Restore.

  maybeso 23:53 12 Nov 05

When i connect a second time ie does not appear. i pressed control/alt and delete and it say CCAPP AND NSMDR NOT RESPONDING. This is a recent promblem i think i will reinstall tiscali broadband tomorrow and see if that cures it

  VoG II 00:00 13 Nov 05

ccapp is Norton, I suspect that the other is as well. I would ditch Norton and install AVG click here and Zone Alarm click here - both free.

  maybeso 18:34 13 Nov 05

re-installed tiscali broadband but made no difference still the same problem do you think it could be the norton firewall? bwdelay seems to appear under tasks as well what is this and how do i stop it

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