Windows ME crashes

  Toy 15:08 24 May 05

Help please!

I have a Pentium 2 233. Since having Wanadoo Broadband when I try to connect to Internet it shows error 650 "no dial tone contact ISP". However, if I do system restore to a previous day it then works Also, during system restore a black screen appears saying SMART detects imminent Hard Drive Failure press F1 to boot. Once I do this the computer works again. Any ideas? Should I put on Windows 98 instead?

  jimv7 15:24 24 May 05

Back up any data you wish to keep and think about a new hard drive, quickly.

  961 15:34 24 May 05

Try re-installing the modem

Don't go to windows 98

Try a system restore to a point where everything worked ok

  Taw® 18:44 24 May 05

Follow jimv7 advice if you cherish any information on your drive. The HDD may last for months, but then again it could go tommorrow

  Toy 20:42 24 May 05

I am not too familiar when it comes to computers. If I change my hard drive will I have to re-load everything again including Broadband, Operating System etc?


  sattman 22:26 24 May 05

Before doing anything, ensure that you have all important information backed up, and ensure that the back up is retrievable. Do not rely on system restore for this.
You say the problem only showed since having broadband, this is the area that I would be concentrating on.
I would not jump to fitting a new HD at the moment as you will loose all your information also if you do not have all the original drivers etc setting up can be a extensive task. Does the computer run normal when not on BB
The problem could be anywhere and it will dificult to find.
Use the following configuration utility to try to narrow the problem here

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